Newmarket football girls are on a winning streak!


Newmarket football girls are on a winning streak!

After an impressive winning streak over the last few months, Newmarket Town’s under 10s girls football team were keen to take on Swavesey and continue with their success. On Saturday 7th February, they beat Swavesey at home, with a final score of 5-1. The girl of the match, Carmen, played exceptionally well in her midfielder position, as usual.

Before Christmas, the team played an away game against March, becoming the first team to beat them and ending with an impressive final score of 3-1.

The team’s manager Lorraine Fitzpatrick said: “I’m incredibly proud of the girls for winning their recent games. They’re a great representation of the young talent in Newmarket. I’m sure with their lucky streak at the moment, they’ll continue to impress us all.”

The team's next game will be on Saturday 21st February. Regular updates on how they are progressing will be added to Lemontree’s Facebook page.