Newmarket profile on the rise in the UK


Newmarket profile on the rise in the UK

We were excited to find out that Newmarket and the surrounding district is becoming an increasingly popular place to live in the UK. Migration statistics collected by an independent estate agent has found the net population for the Forest Heath has risen by 1.56 percent - the highest figure in the UK.

As a property agent covering a large proportion of the district, is it refreshing to hear that people are being drawn to the area because of the competitive house prices and the picturesque countryside, including the prestigious Newmarket Racecourses. We are proud of our increasing managed portfolio and this news is confirmation of why our average percent of managed properties let each week exceeds the industry average.

As a growing business in Newmarket, we would encourage other industries to relocate to the area and create a new business hub that can drive the economy and increase the affluence in the area. The district has many positive messages to shout about, including employment being the highest in the country, (a great statistic in the current economic climate). 

We love being part of the Newmarket community. Let’s champion growth in Newmarket together!