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Wear and tear on property not profit
Posted on 27:08:2013

Wear and tear in a rental property is inevitable. Paintwork will chip, carpet stains will appear and the odd breakage is common. It's how a property agent reacts to maintenance queries that can affect profitability for landlords.

Increase in number of first time landlords
Posted on 20:08:2013

A quarterly trend study by Paragon has discovered a huge increase in first-time landlords with continual growth since the middle of 2009.

The total of buy-to-let cases reached a significant high back in the second quarter of 2002 when the buy-to-let industry underwent a massive boom in popularity. In 2008, the demand from new landlords experienced a sharp decrease, mainly due to the brutal hit of the recession.

Summer months increase neighbourly disputes
Posted on 15:08:2013

It is well known that summer is the worst time for neighbourly disputes. A recent survey has found that 55% of disputes, that took place between June and August, were as a result of loud music, noise from parties (12%) and smoke from BBQs (5%).

Take care of your property this summer
Posted on 5:08:2013

A recent report from has found that claims for thefts from the home are higher during the summer period compared to during the winter. In large part this is due to holidays, since nearly a quarter of victims were away when their homes were broken into.