Legionella guidelines – How they impact you


Legionella guidelines – How they impact you

As a landlord, you now have a legal duty to safeguard your tenants from Legionella, which can be found in a property’s water system.

Although the risk may be low, all water systems require regular assessment to identify if actions need to be taken to prevent or control the risk of human exposure to the disease.

As your managing agent, we have a responsibility for ensuring that maintenance and safety checks are completed, which will now include managing the risk of legionella.

To comply with the Health and Safety Executive guidelines, a qualified assessor must carry out the compulsory risk assessment. We are currently speaking to a number of providers to find one that can offer the level of service that we expect and provide a competitive cost for landlords.

Once we have chosen a suitable provider, we will organise this on your behalf. We shall be in contact with further details shortly.