Do you have blocked gutters?

Gutters need to be cleared and checked on a regular basis to prevent any potential external and internal damage.  

Gutters are small pipes or troughs placed around the edge of a roof that are designed to collect rainwater for the purpose of diverting it away from the property. If these gutters become blocked then the job they are designed to do cannot be done effectively, resulting in damage to paintwork, woodwork, walls, soffits, and fascia. It can also mean water settling in the foundations, resulting in serious problems with damp and moulds.  Water is very evasive damage and considerable repairs.

If you have water flowing over the top of your gutters when it rains, it's a clear indication that you will need to have them cleared asap. A window cleaner is usually happy to do this for a small charge. If however you have water dripping through a joint or a supporting bracket has dislodged over time through expansion and contraction of the gutter pipe, a member of our maintenance team will be able to fix this on your behalf.  For more information, please contact us on