Take care of your property this summer


Take care of your property this summer

A recent report from Confused.com has found that claims for thefts from the home are higher during the summer period compared to during the winter. In large part this is due to holidays, since nearly a quarter of victims were away when their homes were broken into.

Going away can be a stressful time with lots to think about. However, it is worth taking the extra precautions to ensure your house is as secure as possible. If you are in a rented property, the responsibility still belongs to you as the tenant. Here are our top tips to help you:

    1.    Set light timers in different rooms at different times that match your routine.
    2.    Double check that windows are securely locked, not just shut.
    3.    Hide any gadgets that are on view through windows.
    4.    Cancel the milk and any other regular deliveries.
    5.    Leave a car parked on the driveway.
    6.    If you are getting a taxi or using transport companies limit the information you tell them about whether the house will be empty or when you are returning.
    7.    Avoid telling social media platforms the dates you will be away as you can’t tell who will see it.

Having a good relationship with your neighbors can also be extremely beneficial. Ask them to keep an eye on your property when you’re away and, if you feel comfortable, leave them with a key to remove any post that is not pushed properly through the door. If you are in a long tenancy agreement, good neighbor relations can also help to build a strong sense of community and help to reduce crime in the area.

If you have any other top tips to share – please let us know.