University life


Preparing your children for life away from home

Whilst Universities prepare for the new academic year, many young people across England will be packing their belongings and getting ready to live away from home for the first timeWhile some parents may get caught up in the emotions of the thought of their children flying the nest, it is important that parents take the time to help their children in getting ready for their exciting times ahead.

It may seem obvious to some, but parents might wish to think about giving their children a little insight into how to keep their household running smoothly. Knowing how to change a light bulb or where to find the home's fuse box or stopcock may seem like trivial matters, but it can be the difference between a settled life and a miserable night at home when the room suddenly plunges into darkness. If your child is moving in to a rented property, ensure they know how to keep a clean properly, explain utility bills and how to pay their rent on time. It will be important that the home they rent stays in good condition throughout a tenancy to ensure they can get their full security deposit back at the end of their contract.

You may not want to think about the potential for your children getting into trouble or having their security compromised, but it is something to be considered, and is the most important advice you can give. Student homes are an obvious target for criminals because the house contents will usually include multiple laptops, tablets and phones. Adding your child to your own home insurance policy is a good step to take, but simply teaching them about how to be more security conscious is just as important. Take five minutes to explain the importance of locking doors and windows and not leaving anything of high value on show. Similarly, leaving lights on if the whole flat is out for the evening can be a prevention attempt.

If you have a child about to leave the nest, we hope they have a fantastic time in their new home.