Preparing your home for winter


Prepare your home for the changing seasons

According to a survey by British Gas, over 81% of people under 40 in the UK don't know how to deal with frozen pipes and 75% wouldn't be able to check the pressure on their boiler. With another winter looming it's important to make sure you prepare for some of these common winter emergencies with our handy tips.

Avoid frozen pipes

Keep your heating on very low overnight in extreme weather conditions when temperatures are expected to reach below zero. Buy lagging from a DIY supplier, it’s like a foam pipe that coils around the pipe. You can either cable tie this on or use gaffa tape.

Get a boiler service
Arrange for your boiler to be serviced every year. As everyone starts to switch on their central heating, the surge in gas consumption can lead to a big increase in boiler breakdowns.

Find your stopcock
Make sure you know where your water stopcock is located. If you suffer a burst pipe you'll be happy you found it in advance.  Check on a regular basis that it actually works as sometime it can seize.

Create a power-cut kit
Be prepared for possible winter power cuts by putting together a power cut kit, this includes a torch with new batteries, candles and keep dry food in the house.

Clear out your gutters
In Autumn, leaves can collect in gutters and drains, leading to blocks and overflows, so it’s best to clean them regularly. Consider investing in gutter leaf guards to help prevent your gutters becoming blocked in future.

Sweep your chimneys
If your chimneys are in use, make sure that they get swept every year. This will remove the build up of dirt and grime from your chimney walls.

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