Nurture nature this autumn


Nurture nature this autumn

Before you head straight to the rubbish bin with your old belongings, have a think... you could be throwing away a home for nature that’s just waiting to be transformed! No matter how big or small your outside space is, growing plants in containers is a great way of providing wildlife with a tasty treat or somewhere safe to hide.

You don’t need to buy expensive plant pots; there are lots of every day items you will be able to find in the house than can be used. From old wellington boots to tin cans and colanders your only criteria is that it will allow for good drainage. This can be done by piercing holes in the bottom or placing a layer of pine cones or stones under the soil, otherwise your plants can get water logged.

You can use everyday “rubbish” to turn your garden into a haven for nature. Old plastic drinks bottles can be transformed into bird feeders whilst egg boxes can be used as cheap and cheerful starter plant pots for growing seeds. You can cut the bottom off plastic bottles and put them neck first into the soil by your plants to make sure you get right to the roots when you’re watering.

These small projects can be great ways to entertain children over the half term. It can even become educational and develop their responsibilities.

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