Top tips to keeping home warm this winter


Top tips to keeping your home warm this winter

It's happened, the cold weather has set in and our winter coats have become a necessity once again. Here are our top tips on how to keep your house as warm as possible during the next few months.

Block all vents, except boiler vents, and draughts letting in cold air from the outside.

Buy keyhole covers for your front and back doors. It's surprising how much cold air can get through here.

Keep doors shut in between rooms to consolidate the heat.

Fill any holes/cracks in the walls that will let air in. If you think the problem is too big to do yourself get a structural engineer to give you a hand.

Check your roof/attic is properly insulated; a lot of heat can be lost this way.

Ensure your curtains are thick to stop cold air getting through the windows.

If you've never changed your energy supplier, you could save a lot by switching over as there are over 20 companies competing for your business. You may be able to keep your home warm for a lot less money.

Lastly, keep yourself insulated; wear plenty of layers and thick clothes.