Hiding your spare keys, is it really a thing of the past?


Hiding your spare keys, is it really a thing of the past?

A survey conducted by Keytek™ Locksmiths has found that homeowners across the UK, despite years of being advised by the police and government against it, still leave their keys in an easy hiding place, such as underneath a plant pot or front door mat.

Although only a small percentage of the population, 20% of Britons still leave their keys in what they feel is a secure hiding place, even at the risk of invalidating their home insurance. Some of the common places people said they leaved keys are:

2% in plant pot

6% under a mat

7% in the garden

6% in the garage or shed

Interestingly, the survey revealed that 44% of people keep their spare set of keys with a neighbour, questioning recent statements that modern day Britons do not know or communicate with their neighbours.  

Only a small percentage of survey participants said that they use a Key Safe to store their spare set of keys. For a relatively small cost it is advisable to have a Key Safe fitted to the outside of your home where you can safely and securely store keys without having to rely on anyone.

What do you think? Is it still safe to leave your keys? Or has our modern day culture made us become more safety-conscious?