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Lemontree are excellent agents and we never have any problems with their management of our property. They are very helpful and provide a full service, arranging for work when required and organising insurance and ground rent payments on our behalf.

Jackie, Landlord

It is just so nice to have found a firm that are so professional, well organised and able to deliver a first class service in such a friendly manner. Thanks again and keep up the excellent work Beth and team.

Roland, Landlord

We definitely will recommend Lemontree when we have a chance. Thank you for being so helpful and supportive when dealing with our tenancy.

Darius, Tenant

This was our first time letting a property and we looked at a number of letting agents before deciding on Lemontree. We were impressed with their professional approach and it's clear Beth is passionate about her business. The tenants were excellent and the management of the property was first class.

Pete, Landlord

Many thanks for looking after my properties – I really do appreciate the excellent way you all manage them.

Norman, Landlord

From getting the house back on 15th October, refurbishing it and letting it by the 25th November, your work has been excellent.

Michael, Landlord

It was a pleasure dealing with Lemontree – you were all very accommodating and helpful during my tenancy. I would certainly recommend your agency to family and friends. Keep up the good work.

Cecille, Tenant

Being rather preoccupied with my wife in hospital, it's great knowing you are looking after everything on my behalf. You always go above and beyond, and having confidence in my agent is the peace of mind I need.

Philip, Landlord

Thank you for all that you have done. We could not have asked for a smoother transaction. We are so pleased that we decided to put our property in your very capable hands.

Janet, Landlord

Being a cautious person by nature, I can be rather cynical. But Lemontree have been extremely helpful and professional. It has been a pleasure dealing with you during my tenancy.

Harry, Tenant